MEDICINE FARM Rec Stick Portable Relief 1000mg CBD .5oz

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This portable stick is a synergistic combination of Phoenix Blend’s mentholated power with the essential oils of our Dragon’s Blend. This fusion creates a powerful, lightly scented, long-lasting balm aimed at easing aches and preventing soreness. Designed with the recreationalist in mind, this convenient container brings some serious power, brimming with menthol, medicinal herbs, and CBD.

Scent Profile: Warm, comforting and earthy with notes of cinnamon, clove and turmeric and a hint of menthol.

Key Ingredients: Peppermint, fennel, tea tree, turmeric, menthol.

Suggested Use: Apply before and after activity to ease muscles and prevent soreness. This is a top 3 pick for what we would want to be stranded on a desert island with.